Jacqueline Simenauer



Jacqueline Simenauer, a native New Yorker, is the coauthor of six books, some of which involved major national studies. They include the best-selling Beyond The Male Myth, Husbands and Wives, Singles: The New Americans and Not Tonight Dear.

Articles about her books have appeared in most of the nation's magazines and newspapers including TIME, Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, and cover stories in Readers Digest, Ladies Home Journal, Self, Redbook, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and US magazine.

OPRAH even featured one of her books on her show.

Jacqueline was a columnist for the New York Post, and she has also appeared on over 100 radio/​tv shows including Good Morning America and The Today Show.

She even got a letter from The White House asking for a copy of her 'Singles' book. They were impressed by the fact that the book was based upon the first and only comprehensive national study of single people in the U.S.

Because so many friends and family members asked her how to get a book published, she decided to become a literary agent. Jacqueline began with one client, her coauthor. It wasn't long before her client list grew by leaps and bounds.

When Chris Frank joined the agency, the name was changed from Simenauer & Greene to Simenauer & Frank Literary Agency LLC.

Jacqueline gravitates toward nonfiction, while Chris is eager to read all types of fiction.

You can reach Jacqueline at jsliteraryagent@​gmail.com

Chris can be contacted at cfliteraryagent@​gmail.com

The first national study of America's single men and women.
The first book to explore thoroughly both the physical and emotional causes of low sexual desire and their treatments
The first major national survey of male sexuality since the Kinsey Report.